Three Wise Monkeys Productions

About us

A production company born from the love of filmmaking

We’re multi-tasking film-makers who have worked on more feature films than you can shake a stick at. To clarify: We’re not actually monkeys. But there are three of us, and we are wise, so two outta three ain’t bad. Between us, we write, produce, direct, light, operate cameras and grip equipment, budget, schedule, edit, fly drones and grade. In short, if you want something filmed, you can park up, be Adele and say “Hello”. The Three Wise Monkeys have been involved in everything from music promos (for world stadium bands like Queen) to Hollywood Studio financed feature films (for the likes of Universal and Paramount) and high end television productions, for the likes of the BBC– so whatever your need, drop us a message with your requirements.

  • Our roots, and passion, are feature films. Between us we've worked on almost a hundred of them. For UK indies to US studios, we've written, directed, produced and shot everything from Shakespeare to international thrillers. Working alongside industry legends such as Martin Scorsese and Bob Hoskins, no project is too big, or too small.



We're currently in the edit on Ethel. Proud to announce Kate Evans as the Editor for the short.